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Refractory Bricks

Specifications Mullite Brick(lightweight refractory brick )
1.Classification tempe: 1300~1600C

LUYANG Mullite Brick is made from high-grade and high purity refractory powders and materials. During the process of production, organic and multiple filling materials are injected accoridng to the required proportion. LUYANG mullite brick is compressed in vacuum and sintered under high temperature.


Lining and back lining of various furnaces in the industry of metallurgy,petrochemical,ceramics,machinery and building materials.For instance:
the cracking furnace,conversion furnace, heating equipment,refining equipment,reproduction equipment,hot blast stove,heating furnace, tunnel kiln,shuttle kiln,glass-pool kiln,tec
 Standard Specification

 Grade: 23,26,28,30,32
Classification temperature:1300/1400/1500/1550/1600
Size: 230x114x65mm
Density: 600-1100kg/m3

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