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Nylofor City
Nylofor City is a complete system consisting of rectangular heavy welded mesh fence panels Nylofor F with a top rail, for extra rigidity and a robust look.

High rigidity
The top rail gives extra rigidity to the panels and is ideal for use in areas accessive to the public.
Robust look
The use of Nylofor F panels with flat horizontal wires is modern and at the same time very robust.

Easy installation
The top rails are easy to fix to the panels and posts due to special accessories. Installation of the system with base plates is also foreseen.

Ideal for
Parks and gardens, schools, swimming pools and sport grounds but especially for railway stations, fencing in city centers, parking, front fencing, etc.

Technical info
Panels The Nylofor City panels are 2500 mm width and of different heights: 630 to 2030 mm. Mesh sizes are 200 x 50 mm. The wires are extra heavy: the horizontal wires are 15 x 6 mm, the vertical wires have a diameter of 5 mm.
Post and fixing systemsSquare posts (60 x 60 x 1,5 mm) out of welded tube. The posts are provided with inserts for fixing the Nylofor City panels. The posts have an aluminium cap.
Coating technique Panels made out of galvanized wires. An adhesion coating is given for a perfect adhesion with the polyester coating (min. 100 micron). Colours
Green RAL 6005, white RAL 9010. More and other colours out of our RAL Collection are available on request

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