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  • Galvanized / PVC Coating Temporary Fence
Galvanized / PVC Coating Temporary Fence
1.temporary fence panels : Temporary fence panel, portable fence, removable fence, pool fence, and swimming pool fencing.  2.Materials:mild steel wire  3.Corrosion resistance form:electric galvanized, hot-di
  • Tempofor C2 Medium
Tempofor C2 Medium
Benefits Quality and durability The panels are made out of pre-galvanised materials for a long-lasting corrosion protection in all weather conditions. The tubes are 360° welded and each wire is individually welded
  • Temporary Fence
Temporary Fence
Temporary Fence, called Mobile Fence, Mobile Security Fence Temporary Fence (welded type) main specifications: Wire Diameter: 2.8mm-5.0mm; Opening: 50*100mm, 80*160mm and 75*150mm Height is: 1-3 meters Width: 2-3
  • Temporary Fence BD-12
Temporary Fence BD-12
Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized, electric galvanized, PVC coated, powder coated. Characteristics: (1)welding then galvanized, uniform mesh (2)high strengh with good quality low carbon steel wire (3)beautif
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